Dogon rock art


Circumsion site, Songo Rock Shelter, Bandiagara Escarpment, Dogon country: "Two large paintings have been made on the rocks which overhang the great vault. The first one is red and white and is called "trace of the sacrificed Nommo's blood" (nommo semi illi bummo). The second one is called " drawing of the stopping (place) of the resurrected Nommo" (nommo bulo inu toy). The drawings on the great vault (about 30m. long and 2m. high) are called ogodine tonu, "tonu of the chameleon." For all initiates these pictures, which are sometimes trichromatic, represent Amma's 266 signs. The two large paintings will be refreshed at the time of the Sigui; those of the vault likewise when the circumcision is performed." [Griaule M. and Dieteren G., 1986: The Pale Fox. Continuum Foundation].


The Rock Art of Mali