Nancy Caldwell’s beautiful life


My beloved Nancy,

who brought so many people happiness,

died in my arms in the early hours of Thanksgiving Day 2017,

after 42 years of being together

and having our love grow and grow to the point

that it’s bursting within me.

I kissed her profusely on behalf of everyone who loved her.

She loved all of humanity from Rwanda, where she worked to heal psychological wounds, to Paris, where she facilitated dialogue between diverse communities,

to our home on Martha’s Vineyard, where she entranced us with passionate lectures about her quests at the Aquinnah Library.

She loved all of you who knew her so very very much,

and I carry her love for you with my own now.

Please let memories of her bring you profound grace and joy.

I’ll post more photos of our darling here

as I come across them over the months to come

and will also use this page to let you know

when & where we’ll be gathering

to cherish her again.

Our love to all of you.

Duncan Caldwell

After you’ve looked at the photos you might want to read

- Tributes to Nancy Beth Caldwell

- and her essays under her pen name, Nancy Leenson Caldwell,

in The New York Times and Vineyard Gazette:

Listening to the Kigali Night” and

Memories to Moments on the Cancer Caravan”.

The following album consists of several pages,

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Photos to remember our sweet Nancy by