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The following link to National Geographic’s website leads (towards the bottom) to my posts, which argue that National Geographic’s October 2008 article on Neanderthals contained serious flaws:                          LINK

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Photo Albums:

Saving the Gay Head Lighthouse

Travel Photos

Expedition Photos

Istanbul & Bosphorus 1

June 2009

Bosphorus & Marmara Sea

June 2009

Sophia & Prague

May 2006

Prehistoric Phalangeal Figurines

Ancient & Tribal Female Imagery

Rock Art, Ile de France

Pascal Raux - Father of the Phalangeal Figurine Hypothesis

A Murder, Bombing, and Trip to Neolithic Monuments

Mali & Dogon country - Nov. 2009

Links to sites providing Duncan Caldwell’s publications

  1. Rock Art Research

  1. Association of the Friends of Saharan Rock Art (AARS) See Info N° 311 11.11.2009 

  1. American Society for Amateur Archaeology

  1. The Marine and Paleobiological Research Institute

  1. The Barbier-Mueller Museums of Geneva & Barcelona

More links:

  1. Association of the Friends of Saharan Rock Art

  1. David Linfield’s Fulbright scholar’s blog for Jordan

  1. Pete Bostrom’s Lithic Casting Lab


  1. Association Lithos & Pascal Raux

  1. Susanna Caldwell’s paintings & sculptures

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